Why TPU ?

Diving is a fascinating sport that captivates a large number of people worldwide. Dive computers are indispensable companions as they provide essential information such as dive depth, dive time, and decompression limits. When choosing the material for dive computer cases, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is an excellent option. TPU offers a range of advantages that make it an ideal material for dive computer cases. Additionally, TPU cases can be easily slipped over the dive computer, similar to a smartphone case.

High Flexibility and Adaptability:

TPU is an extremely flexible and elastic material, allowing the dive computer case to conform to the contours of the device and ensure a secure fit. Similar to a smartphone case, the TPU case can be effortlessly slipped over the dive computer, facilitating easy handling.


Another advantage of TPU is its good compostability. Unlike conventional plastics, which take many years to decompose, TPU can be broken down in industrial composting facilities. It can be reintegrated into a biological cycle, contributing to waste reduction and environmental conservation.

Chemical Resistance:

TPU exhibits chemical resistance against substances encountered during diving, such as saltwater, sunscreen, oils, and other chemicals. This ensures that the dive computer case maintains its shape and integrity under adverse conditions, preventing damage from corrosive substances.

Impact and Shock Resistance:

During diving, the dive computer is inevitably exposed to various impacts and shocks. TPU possesses high impact and shock resistance, effectively protecting the dive computer from damage caused by bumps, drops, or collisions. This is particularly crucial for safeguarding the delicate electronic components of the dive computer.


The choice of the right material for dive computer cases is of paramount importance to ensure protection and functionality. TPU excels in meeting these requirements. Its high flexibility and adaptability enable easy slipping over the dive computer, akin to a smartphone case, while its impact resistance and chemical durability reliably shield the device. Furthermore, TPU's compostability enhances its overall recyclability, underscoring its remarkable utility for dive computer cases.